Anti Collision Window Stickers For Birds

Anti Collision Window Stickers For Birds

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Over 100 Million Birds Die Every Year From Collisions

Lovely Designs

Create a unique display that is vibrant yet safe.  

Anti Collision Window Stickers and Decals For Birds prevent innocent birds from colliding and dying.

Does a great job of preventing your fluffy furry flying friends from crashing into your windows.

The Two Reasons Daytime Bird Collisions Typically Occur

  1. The window is reflecting the surrounding environment and birds cannot tell the difference
  2. The window is transparent and birds see appealing objects on the other side

Stickers solve both of these problems. No more reflection or see through glass, only stickers

Features and Product Specifications

The Anti Collision Window Stickers For Birds Set 

  1. Comes with 18 pieces in 6 different styles of vibrant colors and designs
  2. 6 inches x 7.8 inches
  3. Great for glass panels, bay windows or patio doors
  4. Brightly colored on both sides 
  5. Stick them on to the inside of the window
  6. Made from quality non adhesive vinyl, which is durable and non-toxic
  7. Will not leave sticky residue

To Remove

  1. Clean the window with a duster
  2. Spray a mist of water on the glass
  3. Peel the sticker off 

Even if the impact of the crash does not immediately kill the bird, it may become injured, which makes it vulnerable later to predation. When applied to windows, these Anti Collision Window Stickers will become clearly visible to birds even from a far distance so that they know to turn around well in advance. You can put these up anywhere on any glass windows. These stickers have a special coating the reflects ultraviolet light. This UV light is invisible to us humans but birds can see it much like a stoplight. 

Questions and Answers

  1. Should these be placed on the inside or outside?
    1. Both work but we recommend placing these Anti Collision Bird Stickers on the inside.
  2. I have very dark tinted windows will birds still see them if I put them on the inside? 
    1. You should put these stickers on the outside in that case.
  1. Anyone ever have these stickers “baked on” by direct sun?
    1. No, these Anti Collision Bird Stickers should be able to reflect the sunlight and not absorb all of the light and heat.
  1. Do these keep birds from attacking their own reflections?
    1. Yes, that is the point. They will be saved then and won’t injure themselves.
  1. I put these up and the birds aren’t feeding. Do these scare away birds as well?
    1. They could, as could many other things. However it is unusual and not typical.
  1. Do these work against mockingbird attacks?
    1. If the mockingbirds are attacking your windows then yes these Anti Collision Window Stickers could deter them.
  1. How far apart do we place the decals?
    1. A foot apart at least. What matters is that you cover the whole window.
  1. Can these damage windows? Will the hot sun make these hard to remove?
    1. No, don’t worry, you can still use a mist of water to remove them.
  1. How many decals are necessary for a storm door?
    1. You can use probably all 18.
  1. How well do they stay on in the cold winter in Wisconsin?
    1. As long as they don’t get wet they should stay on regardless of the coldness.
  1. Does the outside temperature matter when applying decals?
    1. No but just make sure the stickers don’t get wet.
  1. Can these window decals be placed on windows that have a coating on them for UV protection?
    1. Yes, as long as there is no moisture.
  1. How many stickers per window?
    1. You can place as many as you want as long as each Anti Collision Window Stickers is approximately 12 inches apart.
  1. Will they stick on plastic?
    1. Yes, these are just regular stickers.
  1. What side do you place against the windows, shiny or dull?
    1. You can place it from the dull side.
  1. Will they stick on a wall?
    1. Yes, but not as well as glass, but they still will stick.
  1. Will these stick on the inside of car windows. 
    1. Yes, the Anti Collision Window Stickers For Birds are perfect for glass.
  1. Can you use them outside on a vinyl fence? 
    1. Yes but try to make sure the Anti Collision stickers don’t get wet.

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